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How to Write an Academic Essay

When you are tasked with writing an academic essay your first thought may be panic, your mind might go blank, and despite all your experiences throughout your educational life you may just feel like panicking about how you will finish this project. Well, it is time to relax and not panic, writing this type of composition is really quite simple, just stick to the following rules and you will be complete in no time, ready for the next project. But if you are not sure about the time left for this task, you may get the best asking for professional essay writing.

Choosing the topic

If the topic was not already given to you then the first step you will need to take is to choose the topic for your writing. This could be from a predefined group of topics that you are already familiar with or it could be from a group that is selected by the instructor. When you review the topics look for something that is of interest to you as it will make the writing assignment much more enjoyable.

Write the summary first

The summary portion of the essay or thesis is typically written at the end of the entire piece of writing and describes what you intended to prove or say in the body of the writing. The reason you write this portion first is that it will set the stage for the entire piece of writing and will let you coordinate the work throughout the project.

Develop an outline

The next step to help facilitate your writing and make sure that you include all the important points is to develop an outline for the entire project. The outline will help to direct your writing efforts and keep you organized throughout the entire project. This simple step in the composition process will ensure your work is thorough but do not get too detailed in the outline, it is intended to be just a guideline.

First drafts for editing

The next step of the writing process is to develop a first draft of the entire essay. The first draft will have the major points and be ready to start going into the editing and enhancing process. When doing this step of the process make sure to get all your ideas down on paper and do not be as concerned about formatting, structure or grammar. The important thing is to generate content.

Develop the second draft

Once you have a first draft completed with the skeleton format in place for your work, it is time to begin the development of the entire composition. Working on the second draft allows you to enhance each portion of the work and add details, descriptions and supplemental information to further build the strength of your work. This part will be the true meat of the essay and will be where you will most likely have to do additional research for supporting information. In case you don't like your second draft the best decision would be to buy essay papers online.

Final editing and completion

When the second draft of the project is nearing completion it is time to start the final phase of the writing effort. Starting from the beginning, go through the entire document and review it for grammatical errors and other mistakes, make corrections as you see they are needed so that the formatting is correct. Proper editing is critical so make sure that you read every portion of the work from beginning to end and do not rely on editing software as it can frequently make mistakes. When you have completely edited the work as a secondary check it can be helpful to have a friend or family member also edit it as well, just to be sure.