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A Selection Of 40 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

College students need to be fed with a rapid circulation of persuasive essays. This keeps their brains on the edge and their analytical skills up to scratch. Yes, it is the teacher’s responsibility to present such topics that allow enough scope for the exercise of brains.

Here are 40 persuasive essays for your purview –

  1. Should Social Media be made a school subject?
  2. Will women empowerment actually tend to oppress men?
  3. Should there be two-fee structure; one for the privileged section and one for average boys?
  4. Should there be a ban on artificial colors in food?
  5. Is meat ethical?
  6. Is stem cell therapy ethical?
  7. Should there be an imposition of restriction on abortion?
  8. Should same-sex marriage be criminalized?
  9. Should pornography be regulated for kids?
  10. Should censorship be revoked?
  11. Write an essay on the feasibility of gun rights
  12. Should animals be caged in zoos for human pleasure?
  13. Should multicultural workforce take responsibility for racist disparity?
  14. Should Govt. take moral responsibility for bad performances of home team in sporting events?
  15. Should drinking age be lowered?
  16. Should children be encouraged to take up paying chores they actually like?
  17. Write an essay on medical negligence and whether healthcare centers should take collective responsibility
  18. Should students be allowed to grade teachers?
  19. Are cultural programs equally important as curriculum?
  20. Should there be a universal engendering of nude beaches?
  21. Should game hunting still be a part of active society?
  22. Should there be lenient laws for single mothers?
  23. Should nuclear families be nucleated from societies?
  24. Should girls be made equal heir to ancestral property?
  25. Should people who are comatose for 4 months or more be rightfully killed?
  26. Should capital punishment be banned?
  27. Should corporal punishment be resumed for students?
  28. An essay on the conflicting mindset of Maoists: assessing both sides
  29. Should tank tops be made punishable in colleges?
  30. Should victims take partial responsibility for sexual harassment in campuses?
  31. Should employers reserve the rights to terminate employees at will?
  32. Should biological steroids be banned?
  33. Should there be a separate course for freelance writing?
  34. Is objectification of women in movies a grosser offence than portrayal of violence?
  35. Should online degrees be accorded equal standing as university degrees?
  36. Should Govt. raise other taxes to make sure they can make medicines for terminal diseases such as cancer complimentary?
  37. Should there be Colombian blockade to considerably curb spread of cocaine?
  38. Should games like Basketball and Rugby be made less aggressive?
  39. An essay on whether current disaster management measures are sufficient or not?
  40. Should citizens take moral responsibility for lapse in energy-consciousness measures?