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Fundraising involves the gathering of funds resources or money through people's contributions. Fundraising is sometimes organized by individuals who need to raise funds or cash for their use. Others are organized by organizations or groups of people. During events of fundraising, people voluntarily come together to offer their help in the form of donations to those who need their help. Most of the times, fundraising is a representation of the unity in communities or among people especially while coming together to aid or help others. Fundraising needs efforts of many volunteers for the purpose of its success. Fundraisers may be professional, religious, political or even in the form of public broadcasting.

Pillars of Fundraising

Grants are one of these pillars. Grants are provided to those who need assistance or to raise funds. They may be provided by communities, the governments or even foreign states. They may be given in large amounts. The trick and best thing is learning how well to get and manage these funds to ensure they are not lost and that there are accountability and responsibility by all. A donation is another pillar. Groups get donations from government donors, communities or even foreign donors. Groups need to get organized and follow the right or required procedures to get and qualify for the donations. Crowd funding is done online. Target setting is involved after which people contribute and give funds. Alumni or membership fundraising is where the former members of a school, a university or any other institution create a program in which they contribute funds to the organization or school they had been to. Events including fashion parades, car sales, festivals and film nights are also organized with the purpose o fundraising.

Benefits of Fundraising

Some organizations or even people hold and do fundraising to get funds for their survival. Other groups raise such funds to enhance their capacity for planning and come up with good and proper strategies for them to continue operations. Expansion and development programs are sometimes done with funds from fundraisers. Some organizations get funds from the donors. With these funds, they keep off bank loans for survival and operations. They thus become self-reliant. Dependency on other thus reduces to a good and great extent. Another importance or benefit of fundraising is that people in communities come together and learn how to assist and be there for those who need help. It is an awareness tool that people in communities or societies need each other.