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The Running Man By Stephen King

The Running Man is a novel written by Stephen King and was first published in 1982. The main character, Richard Bachman participates in a game show known as the Running Man. The winners of the game can go anywhere in the world. However, they are hunted by people who are supposed to kill them. From the fictional novel, a reader is able to relate to the main character as he highlights some of the real issues in the society and how people deal with them.

How Economic Crisis Affects the Society

Just like many people in the society today, Ben Richards cannot find a job. The world economy is in a crisis and the government of America decides to blacklist some businesses, including Ben’s trade. He has to find medical care for his ailing daughter. The wife is not in a position to help because she has resorted to prostitution. It is for these reasons that he decides to try his luck in the Running Man game. The game is dangerous and involving. This is a true representation of the issues in the society because many people engage in crime and prostitution during desperate moments. A poor policy by the government makes the situation even worse. The game in question is funded by the government, which raises the question on whether the resources are used in the best way especially in the light of the prevailing economic crisis.

Many people get courage to overcome painful challenges when an economy fails. Ben Richards is ready to go through a process that no one else has ever survived to claim the grand prize. It is stated that winner of the game has to survive for thirty days. They are also awarded every time they overcome a challenge such as killing a law enforcement officer. Ben Richards travels to various destinations and narrowly escapes death in places such as Boston. He is betrayed by many, sleeps in many filthy places, and takes a people in a plane hostage to survive.

Some Courses Are Not Worthwhile

Finally, just like it is the case in the novel, some of the courses that people take to make their ends meet are not worthwhile. The main character realizes at some point that his family died even before he engaged on the dangerous course. He ends up being shot and dying after the plane crash. Ultimately, reading the novel the Running Man helps people to reflect on some of the effects of issues in the society such as poverty, corruption, and immorality.