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Christianity And Animals

There are different arguments about animals and animal rights. Unfortunately, not all Christians agree on animal rights and how animals should be treated. Some Christians think that animals have rights that should be respected while others believe that animals have no rights. The debate about animals and Christianity can proceed for as long, but the important thing to remember is that animals are living creatures. However, whether animals should have rights or not, it is important to keep in mind they also feel pain and they lack some of the abilities given to human beings

Christianity for Animal Rights

The Bible is the Holy book for Christians and has several teachings concerning animals. Those Christians who believe that animals have rights and should be treated with some dignity derive their beliefs from the Biblical teachings. Animals are part of God’s creation and so are human beings. This to Christians for human rights means that human beings and all other animals are in the same class as they were all created by the same superior being God. The Bible also in the book of Genesis, human beings are given the responsibility to take care of the rest of God’s creation. This implies that Gods expectation for human beings includes taking care of and respecting animals which are part of God’s creation. There are also other teachings that influence Christianity and animals. In the New Testament, for example, it is indicated that to God, not even the death of any animal for instance a sparrow can go unnoticed. This shows the importance of animals to God. Since it is we human that live with the animals, Christians should take care of the animals as they are God’s treasure.

Christianity against Animal Rights

Other Christians do not believe that animals have or should enjoy any rights. The most interesting thing about this is the fact that this faith is still derived from teachings in the Bible. According to Genesis, human beings were the only creation created in God’s image. This has an influence on Christianity and animals. This depicts that human beings are superior compared to other creatures and thus do not recognize that animals should have any rights. God also gave human beings the authority telling them to rule over all creation including the animals. In the New Testament, God decides to save human beings through Christ but does not redeem the animals. Some Christians thus believe that animals have no rights.