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Gender In China Society

The roles of two traditionally existing genders compartmentalize men as the more dominant one responsible to run the family financially, whereas the female is responsible for the maintenance and care of the household. With the Chinese Society, gender roles are different with the tradition and gains a more philosophical and profound turn. The Chinese consider the female and male as two individuals in a hierarchal couple. One is considered the yin and the other is considered the yang. The yin is considered the negative side and the yang the positive. So in a nutshell, the Chinese consider men with physical strength whereas women are the weaker sex. Similarly, they are divided intellectually too – men are smarter, women not.

Chinese History Of Gender

According to Chinese history of gender roles women were meant to obey the men in their life in different stages. Before marriage, they had to obey their fathers, and to some extent the brother, and do what was asked of them. Similarly, after marriage the authority was handed over to the husband and later the son in case the husband died. Women were deprived of all their personal and public freedom.

Mao’s Revolution

With Mao and his revolution, the above concepts changed. Women and men were then declared equal. With the introduction of these equalized roles women began to do things that they were never allowed to do before. They began taking initiatives in affairs, politics, jobs and other decisions involved in both private and married life. In today’s time the roles can barely be differentiated as the things that once defined men and women apart became hazy. Men began increasing the length of their hair whereas women shortened them. Men began wearing dresses whereas women began wearing pants and dressing up like men. The rate of women smoking also increased. The idea of women not being intellectual was also broken as they prevailed as literary figures.

The reason why these roles had been divided was because women initially considered men figures who were meant to protect them and secure their financial stability. The concept of men altered from them being a good looking individual with attractive features to one who can guarantee an honest and financially secure future.

Hence, with evolution the role of men and women have indeed altered and are still constantly being changed. With newer policies, the freedom to women that was once impossible is not gaining normalcy.