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A List Of Strong Essay Topics On Current Issues In Medicine

How to write a good essay

  • One of the most important parts of your work is your words. Make sure your vocabulary is strong and appropriate. In a medical paper use the “jargon” appropriate to your issue, and make sure you get it correct in context.
  • Which leads us onto reading. How do you expect to know what language is used in this sort of work without reading other people’s work? So read as many other papers on this subject as you can, as part of your research.
  • Try to condense what you want to say in one sentence. If everything in your writing resonates with that sentence then it should be in the paper. If it is only tangentially related to your topic, leave it out.
  • Correct grammar and spelling are vital in any aspect of writing. Good presentation goes a long way towards a good grade.

A list of topics for your paper on medicine

  1. Do the latest fashionable diets really cure diabetes?
  2. Should it be the law for teens to be given the human papilloma virus vaccine?
  3. The virtues or flaws in anti-oxidant foods
  4. Is the taking of vitamins really of any use when you eat a balanced diet?
  5. Could the medical response to the Ebola outbreak have been better organized?
  6. While babies are sometime viable at 24 weeks they have life-long medical problems. Should we try and save babies born before 27 weeks?
  7. Does food really get contaminated with harmful chemicals from food packaging?
  8. What does medical research suggest is the healthiest diet for humans?
  9. Pharmaceutical companies regularly publish only the positive results from their trials. Are doctors prescribing blind without all the results?
  10. How should antibiotic resistance be handled? Is it worth the government funding research for new antibiotics to encourage pharmaceutical research?
  11. Are models a bad example for teenagers? Should a lower weight limit be imposed by law?
  12. Because of the current rate of mutation of the Flu virus we have to change the vaccine each year? Is there a way of producing a more long-lasting Flu vaccine?
  13. What are consider healthy levels of sleep and why?
  14. In what ways is 3D printing of body parts better when considering organ replacement?
  15. With all the talk of gut bacteria and increasing the healthy varieties by taking certain products, would it be better to have a fecal transplant rather than food products?