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The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon is the world’s largest privately owned yacht. It was made by Perini Navi. After its inception in 2006, it went on to complete its first voyage in the Sea of Marmara. The yacht also completed its voyage from Turkey to Italy shortly afterwards. This great yacht was built specifically for the venture capitalist Tom Perkins but was purchased from him afterwards by Elena Ambrosiadou in 2009 for a sum of 100 million dollars.

The Design

This grand yacht is 88 meters long and comprises of three carbon fiber masts that carry fifteen sails. The yacht, when in the sea, can use up to a maximum sail span of 2400 square meters. The rigging technology used is also rare and interesting. The technology, known as the DynaRig, is a square rig. The masts that carry the sails stand independent of each other and are rotatable as well. The sails are installed into the masts in such a way that when they are opened, there are no gaps between the sails, they act as a single one.

Facilities Onboard

This great nautical marvel consists of a lot of facilities that make is more special. Apart from the conventional dining and luxury accommodation, the yacht carries, at any time, a wide range of sports equipment including jet skis, paddle boats, kayaks, inflatable pools, scuba diving gear and water slides. All of these can be deployed to make the cruise even more luxurious and exciting.

The yacht also consists of 6 guest cabins and 8 crew cabins. The guest cabins in the lower deck have the capacity to accommodate twelve guests. In addition, there are VIP cabins in the upper deck that have queen and king sized berths.

To further add to the amazement and fun, the yacht has its own fully equipped private gym. The entertainment section is jaw dropping. The yacht carries a large collection of DVD’s with itself. Moreover, there is a 65 inch flat screen 3D television in the main salon. The guest bedrooms each have a 42 inch LED TV installed whereas there are 32 inch TV’s installed in the master suite and the upper cabin. An outdoor cinema can also be setup if the weather is favorable. The movie is projected on the lower sails and portable speakers provide quality sound.

Maltese Falcon provides a proper luxury cruise to the travelers. The sea may be harsh but this humungous yacht has the ability transform your journey into the most memorable time at sea.