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Academic Writing Tutorial: What Does An Exploratory Essay Look Like?

An exploratory essay requires a student to fully research a particular topic, leaving no facet unexplored. The information gathered must then be presented to the reader in an objective manner, presenting interpretation if required. Here are the basic steps involved in writing an exploratory essay:

  1. Introduction
  2. This section introduces the reader to your topic by giving an account of your reasons for choosing this particular topic and outlining the methods employed to acquire your information. A thesis statement can also be included in this section which can be used to incite interest in the reader if your statement is constructed properly. This section is not to be too detailed and can be ended with an introduction to your first point, which will be explored in the following paragraph.

  3. Main points
  4. In the following three sections of your essay, you will proceed to state your main points providing a short description for each one. It is recommended you start from the most significant point and continue down the list to least significant. You also have the option of using an entire section for one point, providing detailed description of each point as your present them.

  5. Analysis
  6. Now that you have listed your points, you can analyze them in the following paragraphs. Proceed in the most objective manner possible, derive your interpretations based on data presented in your paper and nothing else. Speculation should be avoided, this paper is intended inform to inform readers about the topic, not to convince them of any particular concept or belief.

  7. Conclusion
  8. In this section, you are required to summarize your entire paper into one final conclusive statement. Be sure your statement is supported by facts presented so that the reader may understand how you came to this conclusion. Your statement must be concise and final, the reader must gain a sense of closure after reading your paper and your final statement.

  9. Reference
  10. If necessary, it is very important to pay proper recognition to the owners and creators of any published works or materials you may have referenced or cited in your essay. This should be placed at the end of the essay and must contain a detailed account of the author’s names, date of publishing and title of any paper or published work that was referenced in your essay. Be very careful to always represent any unoriginal work as the original author or creator intended.