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The Main Characteristics Of A Good Academic Essay On Winston Churchill

Good academic essays can be well done if you follow the correct format and go through all of the steps necessary. The one thing that is important about a good academic essay is that there is a lot of data. Winston Churchill has plenty of data available so that should not be a problem. Here are some other characteristics of a good academic essay:

  • You must create a great thesis statement – Winston Churchill is a broad subject so this is one of the most important parts of a good academic essay. If you do well with this part, you will be successful with your essay. This is something that will take a while to figure out. Much of your research may be done before you even figure out what your thesis statement should be. While you are researching, think about the arguments you can make. Think of the things you can prove about the topic. Once you have found an argument and things you can prove, you will have your thesis statement. The cornerstone to a great academic essay is being able to prove your statement logically.
  • You must have an outline – If you can create an outline that has the thesis statement as well as the arguments that you are going to use to prove that statement, it will show in your outline. Organization is a priority. Your outline will have your thesis statement and then the supporting arguments that you will use to prove it. Once you have created your outline, you will have your map to work your way through the essay.
  • Start as early as you can and give yourself plenty of time to write your essay – You don’t have to do it in a certain order. Do the most important things first so you can build around it. Start with the biggest argument and then give the proof then build around it.
  • Edit extensively – Writing is half of your essay and editing is the other half. Take the time to edit to make sure your grammar and spelling is correct. Make sure you have transitions between your paragraphs as well. Make sure you have topic sentences and then supporting sentences to prove your topic sentences.
  • Create a great conclusion – It restates your thesis and gives your reader something to think about. Your academic essay will be well written if you have a thesis statement that can be proven with facts that you can substantiate.