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How To Write An Essay On A Quote: Simple And Effective Directions

When you are supposed to write a paper on a quote, you have a lot to say. Few words of quotation bear a lot of substantial information that can form great stories. Sometimes the quotations sound simple while sometimes they convey a meaning in twisted form.

There are many things that you should consider while writing a paper based on quote

  • Think if the quote is inspirational, wise or funny: You need to set your tone of essay accordingly.
  • For example, there is a favorite nursing quotation which is highly intelligent that is pretty clear in its meaning. It states that before analyzing pitfalls of others we should analyze our own shortcomings. The happiness lies within us and we need to understand this first deep from inside.
  • Introduce a story and illustrate your point: This step will clear all the doubts of the reader. Frame an inspirational story and end it by using the quotation.
  • Do not forget to introduce the name of the author: This step is an asset and reveals you as a knowledgeable person. Remember, quotations are usually introduced by brainy people. Most of the quotes are related with our real life scenarios and easily fit in our life. That is why they are so popular and are commonly used as part of the papers and letters to make them interesting.
  • Write the quotation in the introductory paragraph: Sometimes papers are based on quotes and other times quotes are the part of the papers. When you are supposed to write an essay based on quotation, do not forget to introduce the topic in the very first paragraph or introductory paragraph. You can use different quotations in an essay but when you are writing on one specific quotation, you need to revolve around the same point to justify your viewpoint.
  • Reinforce your ideas: When you write on a quote, you echo your claims instead of reiterating yourself in different words.
  • Stay spontaneous: Your each paragraph should be linked with the subsequent paragraphs adding credibility to the paper.
  • Divide your paper in three parts- Introduction, body and the conclusion: This is the appropriate structure that needs to be followed. Introduce the topic based on your quotation and link it with the body. Provide all the evidences that support your quotation and write a conclusion that justifies your statement.

Add facts, statistics, and metaphors stringing the arguments and anticipating your paper to the next level.