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The Best Way To Write A Descriptive Essay: An Academic Tutorial

You must have seen detective shows in which witnesses are asked to describe the faces of criminals. Description is an art and one wrong brush may lead to the sketching of a different personality altogether. You need to be proactive and strategic while writing a descriptive essay.

Here is a refined way to write a descriptive essay –

  • Assorting corners – It is established that when you create a perimeter for a piece, the shape tends to come out well. Jot down 4 major junctures about the topic and underline them in your rough draft.
  • One standing motif – Your descriptive essay ought to and actually must have one signature tune; the motif that defines your piece. This is what will end your piece uniqueness and specialty. It depends on your artistry as a writer to conduct existence and carry of this point.
  • Special avenues – You should delve into the topic to eke out special areas which you can introduce into your descriptive essay. This will help you gain gravity for your piece. You should meticulously, if subtly, concretize these avenues.
  • Judgment of lapses – You should traverse the whole surface area and find lapses and scopes for conflict. Here, you will be able to synthesize varied perspectives and present your perception in a redoubtable way. Your placement of lapses should be precise and evocative.
  • Writing style – Descriptive essays can tend to be boring and mundane at times. Thus, you should infuse enough passion and flow in your writing style so that readers can pick the tab as they grow on the piece.
  • Presentation of analogy – You should be good with examples. It is great if you can present readers with thorough analogies of the theme you have chosen for the topic. The analogies should be biting, intrusive and relevant to the topic.
  • Placement of opinion – You should come up with a unique and personal opinion on the topic to appear more personable and well-read about the topic. Everyone wants to read a piece whose author knows his job. You need to impress the readers with your grounding on the subject.
  • A resourceful conclusion – Your conclusion holds great significance. You should aspire and venture to present solutions to the readers so that they naturally warm up to the essay. Of course, the conclusion will not mention anything new; it will just be an avid culmination of what you write earlier on.

Open your mind and absorb the topic in entirety. Subjective assessment goes a long way.