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How To Organize A 5-Page Essay On How Media Affects People

When you are assigned a writing composition with a limited number of pages you are presented with a challenge. Business reports cannot be page upon page of information. They have to be concise and to the point. It is why you may be given the assignment of a five page essay. Understand that five pages is all you have; you might be penalized for more. With that in mind you have to have some organization for the sentences and paragraphs.

  • Present A Good Thesis Statement in the Introduction. If you are addressing the topic of how the media affects people, you should have a thesis statement that indicates exactly what you are trying to prove in the body of the text. Be certain the opening sentences grab attention immediately. It is how you encourage readers to continue down the page.

  • Concentrate on the Body: Be Concise. The body or the middle part of the essay is where you’re going to be explained in defending your work. Do not meander along the way because you have a set number of pages to work with. You can use subheadings for organization and be sure that all sentences in that particular part support the subheading. This is the part of the essay where you are going to be doing a fair amount of editing. Don’t be afraid to do that as it will give you a better paper as a consequence.

  • The Conclusion Must Bring It All Together. The final paragraphs already take everything you have written and bring it all together in the final remarks. Here’s where you can look at the arguments you have made, and show the proper conclusions. Before you start in the conclusion check the number of pages you have completed thus far. You may have the ability to write a longer conclusion based on the number of pages you have left. You may also have to go back and edit the introduction for the body in order to get sufficient space for those final remarks.

You will be doing a fair amount of revising and editing as you work on this essay. It is a good idea to have a preliminary draft done before you submit a polished final version. The draft gives you an idea of how much space you have used. An economy of words is going to be for this type of exercise. That is actually the learning objective. You want to be able to write a very concise business report on the media or any other topic. Writing an essay with a fixed number of pages forces you to concentrate on major facts, leaving minor details off the page.