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How To Create An Interesting 3-Paragraph Problem Solution Essay On Teenage Pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy is an interesting issue. Young girls enjoy eroticism and they prefer erotic expedition. However, this unsteady lifestyle often becomes nightmare to bring turmoil, stress and fatigue to million pregnant girls. So, choose a good topic on teenage pregnancy to create a qualitative article or academic write-up. The 3 –paragraph problem solution essay on teenage conception must give some interesting facts to read.

3 Main Parts of Problem Solution Essay

  • Introduction with thesis statement
  • Body of the content
  • Conclusion restating the same thesis statement

Discuss about Teenage Pregnancy in Content

In the problem solution essay, bring some common problems of teenage pregnancy. For instance, many young school girls are misled. There are many reasons of teenage pregnancy. In the problem solution content, continue friendly discussion about the pregnancy of girls at an early age. Side effect of early pregnancy lies in premature death, poor healthcare, and onsets of many infections to obstruct growth of children. The 3-paragraph content must have an understandable précised introduction. This brief content gives an overall idea about the current issue of premature pregnancy. Problems and solutions can be precisely stated in the short introduction.

Project Specific Problems and Solutions in Body of the Content

In the body of the content, do analysis based on availability of relevant data to showcase main problems of girls’ pregnancy. The premature pregnancy deeply affects downtrodden classes which are economically backward. Girls are married before maturity. They are forced to have babies. On the other hand, in cities, school girls conceive early because of erotic exploration under curiosity. They consume alcohol and narcotic components. Therefore, they lose their patience. They mix with multiple partners to have wild sex. These problems must be solved. Solutions should be given in t he body of the content. Probe to find solutions. Girls must need sex education. Teachers will have to behave with their junior students frankly to prevent the premature pregnancy. The solutions must be flexible to attract teen readers to follow your advices. Many healthcare consultants suggest that parents have to be liberal to discuss about the erotic ism. Girls need to be guided to control sexual desire.

Conclusion reflects the thesis statement which is already spun in the introduction. In addition, ventilate your own views regarding the teenage pregnancy problem with solution. Your suggestions and tips must be solid to help teens to take precautionary steps to stop early conception before adulthood.