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What Is A Distinct Essay Layout: Essential Writing Hints

A distinct essay layout functions the same as an outline. A layout shows where each item in your essay will go. But this starts with research.

It is important to note that not every student is comfortable working from home. Just because you have the capability of using your Internet-based database from the comfort of your living room does not mean that you are too. If you try to work at home and you find out that you are easily distracted by the television, your cell phone, or other people in your house and perhaps it is best for you to leave your current workspace and transition to the school library. In many cases reference material is only available in person.

  • If, for example you need to locate a very old publication or a newspaper clipping, you may only be able to find it in the archives of your school library for public library. In many cases this information is not available for checkout which means that you not only have to visit the physical location in order to see the piece for which you are searching but you also have to take any necessary notes and write down bibliographic information at the same time.
  • When you are researching whether you do it at home or in the library, it is important that you have notecards and other writing utensils with you. When you are working you should stay organized from the very beginning. You can do this by reserving multiple colors for different sections of your essay. If you are writing a five page essay, for example you can utilize blue notecards for Eddie evidence you may find and yellow notecards for any big ideas and headings you may find. If you are writing a longer research essay you may prefer to color coordinate each chapter such that your literature review notes are all written on blue notecards and/or methodology notes are all written on green notecards. Conversely if you are unable to procure multiple colored notecards you can always use multiple colored pens or at the very least put a different colored sticker or Mark at the top of each essay you have for your notes.

When you take notes it is important to find supporting evidence whether you are conducting a research literature review or writing a compare and contrast essay it is incumbent upon you to take thorough notes and have supporting evidence for whatever point you are making.