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Hints For Writing An Essay On Causes And Effects Of The Great Depression

Thought the cause and effect essay instructions may seem kind of simple, it’s actually an assignment that gives most students some trouble. Take for instance a cause and effect essay on the great depression. Most people know the basic content for both causes and effects; however, many people don’t know how to effectively present it in as structured essay form. Here are some hints on writing this type of assignment on the great depression:

  • Hint #1) Narrow down the topic to something more manageable
  • First, of all don’t make the assignment more difficult than it has to be. The Great Depression is a large subject that had many causes and subsequent effects. Have a look at your essay prompt and narrow the focus of your paper so that you meet the requirements but aren’t giving yourself extra work. For instance, you might choose to discuss farming in the Midwestern states then list out three causes and three effects.

  • Hint #2) Develop a good thesis statement indicating both elements
  • Next, draft a thesis statement that presents the reader with the exact position you are taking in the compare and contrast writing assignment. The best method towards achieving this is to think of this as a simple formula. In keeping with our example from above, start with an event, or trend, or phenomenon that you are exploring and the or results it had on farming in the Midwestern states. Keep things direct and to the point.

  • Hint #3) Choose and develop an effective outline for the paper
  • Now, it’s time to choose and develop an effective outline to guide your writing. There are two basic types of outlines for this kind of assignment. Let’s assume you have three causes and three effects you would like to discuss. You can list one cause and one effect in one paragraph and proceed to do the same in the two subsequent paragraphs, or you can discuss all of the causes first and follow that with all of the effects.

  • Hint #4) Revise, edit and proofread the final version of the paper
  • And lastly, it’s extremely important that you set your work aside before you come back to revise, edit and proofread. This kind of assignment can get pretty confusing pretty fast, so there is always going to be a need for improvement. By reviewing the content with a fresh set of eyes you will be able to look at it from a different perspective and will be able to make corrections accordingly.