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How To Reference A Book In An Essay: Basic Rules To Remember

Without question, proper referencing is deemed as the vital element of all scholarly work. This provides due credit to the creators or authors of any sources which you might have used in your research and this is one great approach to show your familiarity and understanding with the resources.

In truth, a lot of students are uncertain about when and how to reference and also how to obtain the balance right between illustrating research and utilizing their own ideas. It is worthy of note that developing this insight is a substantial component of academic study and this shall considerably assist them to ward off the risks of unintentional plagiarism.

What are the basic rules to remember when referencing a book in your essay?

Referencing is a method of acknowledging the papers, books and other unpublished and published materials which you have used at the time of researching your report or essay. Take note that this acknowledgement needs to be created twice; the first one should be in the body of the text or at times it could be in footnotes where the source is referred to and another one is with complete details that is placed at the final part of your writing work in a bibliography or reference list.

What is more, note that every time you refer or use a piece of information or idea when you are writing, it is a must for you to include a reference to the source. Indeed, this is termed as a citation wherein you will be required to include paraphrases of other’s writing, direct quotes, analysis and discussion of other’s ideas as well as the references to other’s works and ideas.

It is actually a poor practice to make use of several direct quotes from other’s work- your writing assignment must be largely your own arguments stated in your own words, utilizing proof from your analysis in order to back up or challenge them. Essentially, when it is appropriate to employ direct quotations, these must commonly be kept as succinct as feasible.

Take into consideration that it is imperative to always interpret the quotation and demonstrate how this links to the argument you’re creating and the essay question. Make it a point to include the name of the author, the date and the page number in your text. Aside from this, it is also necessary to incorporate short quotations into your sentence and then utilize quotation marks. Every reference which appears in your text should be included in the bibliography or reference list at the final section of your writing work.