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Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leaders tend to be very successful their success can further be described as extraordinary. Charismatic leaders are known and considered to be highly visionary. They have high levels of self-confidence. They believe in their abilities and those of their followers. They are capable of changing their societies and communities through their words and more so actions. Charismatic leaders exhibit extraordinary behavior to their supporters. They are highly admired for this. This type of a leader makes things happen for themselves, organizations, societies and their supporters. Charismatic leaders are also environment sensitive. They, for example, know and understand the resources available at their disposal and hence know what can be done at a particular time and what cannot be done. Charismatic leaders act as role models to their followers and thereby setting good examples.

Transformational Leadership

A transformational leader is inspirational. He or she inspires the followers to achieve and also aspire to achieve beyond what they think is possible. These kinds of leaders are very motivational, and they help weak employees overcome their difficulties and make them trust in themselves and their abilities to do great things. A transformational leader is always aware of the vision and mission of the particular organization, so all followers’ tasks and activities are all towards the better future of the organization. Transformational leaders provide and possess individualized considerations for their followers. They help followers with problems overcome them. With this kind of a leader employees will automatically want to be members of his or her team as they feel motivated to perform.

Transactional Leadership

Transactional leaders are the leaders who lead his followers by relating them to activities and tasks as transactions. Transactional leadership style is mainly efficient where results required are short term as opposed to long term outcomes. At transactional leader is result or outcome oriented. All decision the leader makes aim at the final achievement of results required or outcome. Transformational leadership style is very common. Transactional leadership style requires a leader to ensure that his or her followers are aware of expected outcome and results. A transactional leader is therefore very careful to select the best people or employees for the job to ensure that best results are achieved. This type of leadership style may have limitations. For one it not very efficient for long term achievements. T his type of leaders may not be careful with employees and their welfare as they are so much focused on required results.