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Composing An Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia: Directions To Follow

Euthanasia is a very controversial subject. It is when a person willfully choses to end his or her life. This choice may be from suffering or long-term illness. It is a topic that is currently trending in the media and in social media. People usually have very strong feelings about it. As you write this argumentative piece on euthanasia, there are some very strict rules you should follow.

Directions to Follow Carefully

  • Do not get too emotional. Yes, the topic is emotional, but watch out for your emotions. No ranting, raving, or crying allowed. It is still an academic paper, and must be treated like one. If you get too emotional, the paper will look weak.
  • For every idea you present, you need 2-3 supports or evidence for this idea. They can be quotes, stories, statistics, interviews, periodical information, lab studies, case studies, or something similar. Make sure that as you use them, you have an in-text citation. You will also need a works cited page at the end of your paper. This page lists all the sources that you used in the piece.
  • Ask the experts. If you have to make such an emotional topic well-supported, then go to the experts for the support. Use the people who know the field and the subject the very most. You can talk to doctors, nurses, priests, rabbis, and educators, to name just a few.
  • You will need to find out if you should use a MLA, APA, or another format. Then make sure to follow the format throughout the entire piece. If the teacher does not tell you what to use, then ask him or her. If you don’t know the format, make sure to get a guidebook you can follow as you write.
  • When you have written the first draft, you are not finished. You will need to proof and edit the piece. This is an important job. Some people hire professionals for this because they struggle with it. If you do it yourself, be very careful. It is always hard to find your own errors. You now have to either write the next draft or then write the final draft. Sometimes it takes several drafts before you can produce a final piece. Proofing and editing is a very, very important step in the entire process, so do it carefully.