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What It Takes To Write A Good Profile Essay: 5 Basic Tips

When you write a profile essay you will have to interview the person yourself or take some of the interviews from the papers or magazines and the work on the essay. It may sound easy but it is just not writing the questions and answers and depending on the person and the severity of the issue being discussed, the paper can get quite complicated. Here are a few tips to help you write a better essay.

Tips to write a good profile:

  1. If you are going to take the interview make sure you have a game plan. Before going in, you will have to work on the questions and then think of the answers. Once you have the probable answers you will have to write a question based on it. Keep yourself some options if you are not entirely sure about the answers you will be getting. The general rule is to steer the conversation towards the direction you want the paper to head.
  2. Once you have all the questions ask for a suitable time and place for the interview. You will have to be confident and ask the questions. Do not let the other person play you and stick with the crucial points. Often the person may try and change the topic, do not be rude but be firm on the topic you want o discuss.
  3. Once you have taken the interview you will have to start with the essay. Begin with the general description and details of the person who is going to feature in the paper. You may give physical description too if it is relevant to the person’s personality or the angel you wish to explore.
  4. Once you have established the identity of the person, start with the interview. The readers like to visualize the scene ad they read so you can give a little description of the place you took the interview. This will lend flavor to the writing.
  5. Once you have narrated the important question and answers you will have to write the conclusion. Do not write all the things that you might have talked about during the interview. Use the points that are relevant to the topic in question. In the conclusion you will have to further highlight the key points from the interview questions so that you can present an overview of the conversation.