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Learners With Special Gifts And Talents


Learners with special gifts and talents exude confidence in the areas in which they are talented. A gifted and talented student is one who has superior ability in certain areas, where these talents and gifts become noticeable in certain situations. Experts argue that such students perform well in certain areas as compared to other students. Special talented students may be referred to as geniuses where such students have superior intellectual capability and creative aptitude. They are also able to unravel certain tortuous situations. These learners tend to respond to challenges in a unique way.

Characteristics of learners with special talents and gifts

Talented and gifted kids exhibit various characteristics such as high understanding rate making them fast learners. They have ability to process any given piece of learning material at incomparable levels. In addition, they show implausible energy, great imagination levels, as well as unsurpassed intellectual competency. These children have ability to question adults in case illogical decisions arise as well pushing seniors for clarifications on certain phenomenon. Moreover, due to the innate ability to reason fast, these learners have the capability to generate large numbers of unique and innovative ideas.


Gifted and talented learners may develop as a consequence of various factors grouped into biological and social factors. Biological factors include genetic formation, neurological functioning, and nutrition methods. Social factors are family set ups, school attended, peer group a student subscribes to, and community support.


It is not always easy to determine a certain talent or gift in a given child. It takes patience and understanding to help determine the gift or talent in the learner. One needs to focus on development of strengths and intellectual capability. The instructor needs to emphasize abstract thinking, creativity and unique ways of problem solving. It is also imperative to create avenues for self-direction as well as establish high expectations on learners.


Special gifts and talents are real in various learners across the world. A misconception has been created that a disabled child is not talented. It is crucial to indicate that intellectual ability is not determined by physical disability. Learners who exhibit poor communication skills caused by poor hearing or speaking abilities may be found brilliant if not overlooked. Physical disability does not insinuate inability to excel in any area of life.