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My Perfect Day

The idea or definition of a perfect day will vary according to different people. Personally every day is a perfect day. I believe the gift of seeing a new day warrants it to qualify for a perfect day. We all get that one opportunity when we wake up. Whatever else will follow for the rest of the day may only determine what our day will look like. Having a bad or a good day doesn’t make a day perfect or imperfect. All days are the same; equal in hours and full of opportunities. Challenges to are also part of the day. It will depend on how you rise to the occasion and decisions that you will take that will determine how your day will roll out.

Faith in a bright future as promised

I am always optimistic. This gives me the courage to face each day. It challenges me to accept and take each day as a perfect day. I view every day as a day to receive the special promise of a bright future that is filled with hope. This is my faith and it keeps me going. I believe each day is a perfect day that prepares me for many perfect days to come. I, however, do not take the accounts of a day and use them to judge how my tomorrow may look like. I thus believe of seeing many perfect different days with each morning that I wake up presenting a new perfect day.

Achieving my Goals

It is always crucial to reflect on how your day was. You will get to see what mistakes you made in your day that made it turn out to be a bad one. The outcomes of a day are not defined by luck but by our actions and decisions. The choices that we make influence our days a lot. Some people believe that a good day is seen in the morning. It is a good way to kick off your day. It is also wrong to let how your day sets in determine how the rest of it is going to be. This is what makes us responsible for our actions. If you want a good day, then you have to go out of your way and try to make one. Superstitions like

who you see when you are waking up in the morning” or “ the foot that you set to the ground first” should not influence how your day will be like. Always works towards making your day look exactly the way you want it to.