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American Intervention Into Foreign Politics

The United States of America is one of the most powerful nations on earth. This has been the case for the better part of a century. There have been many amazing things to come from American people, some of which have gone on to positively impact other people from all around the world. One of the exceptions to this is the intervention into foreign politics. This essay examines the ways that such exercises have frequently backfired.

Stamping out growing Democracies

There have been cases where the democratically elected leader of a given country seemed unsuitable to the U.S. Government. This has been solved by giving support to opposition groups or in some cases even having such leaders murdered by armed forces. Such assassinations gradually become declassified and enter public knowledge but apologies are rarely if ever given. These removed leaders are sometimes replaced by puppet leaders who the public despise or despots who are hopelessly corrupts or fanatical.

Funding future Terrorist Organizations

Occasionally the forces who are given support and funding are less than saints themselves. They may be secret supremacists who go on to use their power to eradicate members of their country’s ethnic minorities. There have also been cases where they accept Western funds in order to harass their neighbors.

Building resentment in the next generation

When a country is in turmoil after a botched foreign intervention, it is hard for the young people and children affected by such circumstances to think of the foreign troops as anything other than criminals. This is compounded by the fact that soldiers have been known to sometimes disrespect the customs of the countries that they invade. Some infractions are accidental, others are very much intentional such as the sexual assaults and battery of citizens which are sometimes reported.

Destabilizing the Global Economy

By damaging the stability of a single country, the world becomes less stable. There are potential consumers in war torn countries who are trapped in poverty and cannot contribute to economic recovery a result. There is also a need for aid to be spent on these nations when that money could have been redirected to other purposes such as education and infrastructure. Those uses would have lasting impact on the country’s earning potential.

It is obvious that in some cases, the intentions were quite good but in others, selfish reasons caused the seeds of resentment to be sown.