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Useful Recommendations On How To End A Compare And Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay is a kind of writing that involves writing both the similarities and differences between two subjects in question. In this kind of essay, you focus on the ways in which two subjects are similar, that is comparison and how different they are from each other, that is contrast. This kind of the essay has three key components, which is the introduction, body and the conclusion. The introduction introduces the topic and draws the reader. The body is composed of various paragraphs that expound on the topic and gives clear evidence to support it. A conclusion is a summary of your discussion that brings your essay to a close. In order to end your compare and contrast essay satisfactorily, consider the following;

  • Clearly indicate that it is a conclusion
  • It is very important to make the reader aware that you are concluding your essay. This is dependent on your introductory statement. Make sure that the introductory statement of your conclusion paragraph clearly indicates that you are making a conclusion. Perhaps you could use statement such as in conclusion, in a nut shell or to sum it all. This will draw the reader and make clear to him/her that you are coming to a close of your essay.

  • Paraphrase the main points
  • A conclusion entails summarizing your key points that you discussed in the body of the essay. Pick out these important points and paraphrase them. Do not be too wordy in summarizing these points. This will make your conclusion long and inappropriate bearing in mind that a conclusion has to be short, precise and straight to the point. Make use of short statements that are clear and communicate the intended idea.

  • Give your own personal opinion
  • As you discuss your essay in the body, there is something that you are able to discover. This is an idea that you are able to elicit as you write. It is a personal discovery that you are able to draw from your writing. This is what you are able to judge and therefore you should make your reader aware of it. Give your personal judgment about the topic and this should reflect what you have discussed in the body.

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