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A Simple Strategy To Compose An Essay About A Museum Of Art

An essay about a museum of art can be handled in a variety of ways. You can write a descriptive essay and try to make your reader feel like he is in the middle of the museum or you can write an essay that talks about the history of the museum. You could even compare and contrast it with another museum if that is what you choose. The nice thing about getting an assignment of this type is you have the freedom to write about what interests you the most about this museum and what you think would interest your audience the most. No matter how you decide to write about the museum of art, the composing of the essay is basically the same. Here is a simple strategy on how to do just that.

  • You first need to decide what type of essay you want to do. I have described a few options above. Try to choose one of the options that you would actually like to write about. It is much easier to write a good essay about something you are passionate about.
  • Once you have decided what type of essay you want to write, you need to decide on a topic sentence for your essay. This is the most important sentence of your essay. All of the other sentences should have some connection to this sentence.
  • Research your topic now that you have narrowed down your essay. Take good notes and keep them organized so you can use them effectively when the time comes.
  • Create an outline of your essay. Many students want to skip this step because they feel it is unnecessary. Actually, once you complete your essay the hardest part of your work will be done. Your essay should have your introduction which includes your topic sentence. It should also include a sentence that will entice your reader to read further. The next part of your outline will be a number of main ideas that prove your topic sentence or substantiate it. Make sure you include all of the important things you want to include in your essay. The last part of your outline will be your conclusion. It restates your topic sentence and also summarizes your important parts of your essay. Remember to try to leave your reader with something to think about and something to remember.
  • After you have done your outline, you can create your rough draft using the outline as a road map. Edit the rough draft to make sure your grammar and spelling is all correct and write your final draft.