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Using Essay Examples To Create Your Own Paper: Writing Basics

Yes it really works. You must try it. If you are creating your own paper, then you must use the essay examples. If your teacher has given you a topic and you find it difficult, then you should search for the examples. When you read the other papers, you get to know the method and writing style of others. One gets the inspiration and motivation from other’s writings.

Match and compare

It is more like a competition when somebody else is writing well on the same topic given to you. You should match and compare your writing with him. Match and improve the format, writing tone and style.

Avoid writing on unique topics

Market is full of sample papers and guidebooks on essays. They cover almost all general topics. One should avoid choosing unique topic, as it would become hard for you to collect data on unique topics. Very often students choose unique topics and cannot complete their essay papers. If you want to impress the reader, then you must study your topic well before getting on it. Selection of the topic is very important. If you have selected a common topic, you already have a lot to write on, you could even generate the topics from daily routine. It is always fun to write comparisons between two things. One should choose comparison essays.

Read “A grade” essay examples and sample papers

It is a good way to improve your writing skills by reading “A” grade examples. You not only get the other’s point of view but also get a lot of information about the topic. Students often use this formula to improve their writing style and format. Always prefer to read “A” grade papers, as they will tell you where you went wrong, which style you should adopt and what format you should follow. This way one could improve from “F to A’s”.


To avoid plagiarism, one should not copy the entire paper, but should only the main points or headings. One should always re write the assignments to decrease the risk of plagiarism.

Edit and proof read

The most important of all is editing and proofreading. This will give you a chance to highlight your mistakes before submitting it to your teacher. Add headings and improve your presentation skills in the final part. This will help you make sure that you are writing a well paper