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Things To Know About The Vocabulary Used In A Cause And Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay is a very simple essay explaining what happens as a result of an event. It is explaining the fact that one thing happens as a result of something else. This type of essay writes about what caused the event and what happened as a result. There are a few things you need to know about the vocabulary used in a cause and effect essay. There are definitely some transitional phrases you can use in each phase to emphasize the cause and effect parts of the essay.

In the cause part of your essay, you can use certain words to help explain your topic. You can use words like “because”, “since”, or “due to” in order to explain what triggered whatever topic you are choosing to write about. Since you are trying to give reasons for your topic happening, you may need to make a chronological account so you need to use the words such as “first”, “second”, or “last”. This will enable you to explain the process you topic took to trigger what was happening. It is important to have multiple triggers for your topic so you can use words such as, “another is” to help remind your reader that these are triggers of the event you are reporting about.

In the effect part of your essay, there are phrases that will help the reader understand this as well. The following words can be used during the result part of the essay:

  • As a consequence
  • So
  • Since
  • As a result
  • Consequently
  • Because of
  • One reason why
  • Since
  • The main reason why
  • One of the most important reasons
  • It seems likely

These are just a few of the statements that will send the message that these are the effects of your topic. As long as you use these phrases are used, you can’t go wrong with whether you are talking about a trigger or the consequence.

So there are many things to know about the vocabulary you should use in a cause and effect essay. If you use these phrases in each section of your essay, you can’t go wrong. After your introduction to explain what you are going to talk about, use the next couple of paragraphs to explain the triggers and then the next couple of paragraphs to explain the results. Then all you need is your conclusion that wraps everything up.