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5 Tips To Help You Create A Good Narrative Essay On Violence

A narrative essay is a descriptive piece of writing. The descriptive part can be based on writing about an experience you have had or indeed an experience that a friend or relative has had. The key to success is to write in such a way that the reader feels like the experience is happening to them. There needs to be a sense of purpose, a lesson to learn; this is the main difference between an interesting story and a compelling essay.

Writing an essay on violence can be a very sensitive subject. You need to take care to express the gravity of the situation as well as do it justice. You need to think about why you are choosing to tell this particular story and perhaps more importantly, what you hope others will learn from it.

There are several different kinds of topics that you can choose from. You can focus on domestic violence, gang-related violence, or a specific type of violence such as verbal, emotional or physical. Make sure that you are comfortable with whatever you choose, and that it won't upset your readers.

Here are five tips to ensure you do it justice:

  1. Be descriptive.
  2. Don't just state a feeling, explain it. Describe the emotion rather than just saying what it is. Focus on the five senses and bring as many into your essay as you can. This will help you with the descriptive aspect.

  3. Stay on track.
  4. Focus is extremely important when compiling your essay as you want to ensure that you remain on topic and do not stray too far from the lesson that you want readers to take from your narrative. This does not mean that you should avoid being descriptive, the more descriptive you are the more real the experience will come across.

  5. Write your essay as though it is a story.
  6. This is your story to tell in your own way – details will make all the difference to your readers who have no prior knowledge of the event that you are describing.

  7. Think about the lesson.
  8. What separates regular old stories from a narrative essay is that there has to be a meaning; there has to be a purpose to the story. You need to think seriously about what your readers can take away from this.

  9. Consider appropriation.
  10. Because your topic can be a sensitive one, you need to make sure that whatever event you write about is appropriate and tasteful. You have to be mindful of your audience during the writing process. You don't want to make them cringe, you just want to teach them something worth-while.